0.2.1 Patch Notes

Thanks a ton for playing the game and sending me feedback! I've gone ahead and put out a quick patch based on some feedback I've already gotten. This update mainly focuses on input responsiveness and making the game speed feel a tad more accessible.



  • Lowered Neon's base gravity by ~7%
  • Lowered Neon's terminal falling speed by ~20%
    • These changes should make Neon's interpreted gravity not feel as high, without making them too floaty.
  • Lowered maximum dash cooldown by around 20%
    • Landing on the ground makes dash come recharge almost immediately, but sometimes it may not feel this way. Break Attacks also rely on this cooldown. So it's all around a speed buff to gamefeel.
  • Made it easier to connect the hits of Up Break Attack
  • Holding the dash button no longer causes Neon to slowly fall.
    • This is more of a side effect of the following update.
  • An audio cue now plays when attempting to dash while the player has none remaining.


  • Dash now immediately comes out when you press the button rather than when releasing it.
    • A deceptive amount of refactoring went into making sure it still canceled properly.
    • The speed this gives you is far more than even I expected, as dash cancels into everything, and almost everything cancels into dash. So go nuts.
    • Dash was originally like this to allow you to perform Break Attacks by holding dash + pressing the attack button. However I don't think people even knew you could do this, especially considering there's no dedicated tutorial yet so...
  • Break Attacks now can be performed with dedicated button inputs. The defaults for these are "V" and "I" on keyboard, as well as the right face button and right analog stick on gamepad.
    • Attempting to use a break attack while you have no dashes will cause you to attack normally.


  • Fixed an issue causing the punch button on keyboard to require a direction to function, if a gamepad was connected.
    • Keyboard and controller should now always be properly responsive regardless of which one you have plugged in at the same time.
  • Fixed an issue where performing Down Break Attack with the right analog stick would not cause Neon to rise before crashing down.
  • Fixed an issue allowing neon to fall through un-passable platforms by sliding (down+attack) over them. 
  • (HOTFIX 0.2.1F) Fixed an issue causing attempts to remap Break Attacks on controller to actually remap Jump.

I hope you continue to try out and enjoy the demo! 


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