Adjustments & Hotfixes! [AN 0.1.3F]

Sorry for the same-day update, but there were a few issues that I felt could be resolved without calling for a fully new version!

0.1.3F Changes

-Camera zooms in slower when time freezes.

-There are now sound effects when time freezes, time is about to move again, and when the player dies as time stops.

-The time freeze now has an internal cooldown when performed.

-Outside of its cooldown, the time freeze now occurs when you kill an enemy with ANY max power charged attack.

-Time now freezes when killing the last enemy of a major arena, or a boss.

-Forward charge attack is now a multihit move. The afterimages hit up to 5 times for 100 damage each.

-The super hard punch sound effect now has more bass and is slightly less harsh.

-The super hard punch sound effect now occurs on EVERY instance of high damage, as it was supposed to.

-Fixed glitch where moving to a place where the camera zooms in/out while the screen is shaking makes the screen keep shaking

-Fixed glitch where bullets would phase through deflectors and home in on you through solid objects.

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Version 0.1.3F Oct 04, 2019

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