Combo/Resonance Tweaks [AN 0.1.3]

Hey guys! This is a kind of minor update, but it includes some fundamental tweaks to the Resonance (REZ) system! Since Resonance is kind of a complicated mechanic, I'll try to explain more in the notes below.

But for a general overview: Resonance increases as you land more hits. The number you see on the top right side of the screen beside "REZ" is the amount your next charge attack will be boosted by. Killing enemies or performing counters maintains this bonus, taking damage, not killing or just not landing an attack fast enough, removes it entirely. It's designed to allow you to snowball as long as you don't get hit.

Version 0.1.3 Patch Notes

Resonance/Combo updates

-Chaining the same attack gives gradually less REZ until it gives none at all

-When an attack stops giving REZ, it deals a fourth of its normal damage until stopping, or using another move

-When this happens, the player turns blue.

  • Everyone seems to enjoy the barrage but that's not the only attack Neon has. 
  • This will encourage the player to use other moves, as they will HAVE to use them to gain more Resonance.
  • On top of this, your DPS will be gutted to 25% of what it should be for spamming too long.
  • On average, an attack starts dealing reduced damage after using it 3 consecutive times.
  • However, EVERY consecutive attack after the first decreases Resonance gain, so it's now optimal to always switch moves to gain it the fastest.

-Killing an enemy with a hit of a charge attack AFTER its first hit now maintains your Resonance

  • This counts as a bug fix; if the charge attack kills at any point, it should reward you as such.

-Maximum Resonance now turns the player bright green.

  • This is so it's clearer when you're at max power and can unleash a charge attack

-Maximum Resonance now doubles the rate at which you can use charge attacks

  • Lets you snowball easier and rewards you more for reaching max REZ

Boss Updates

-Loudmouth (Boss) falls during its downward smash attack much faster.

-Loudmouth's fist now cannot be avoided by staying on the ground, during the second phase.

  • The whole point is to make you move; no point if you can avoid something standing still.

-Loudmouth now fully performs all of its attacks at around triple speed during the final phase.

  • Diet bullet hell time.

-Loudmouth now damages itself on the final phase of the battle, if you live long enough, the fight will end on its own.

  • Reminder that Loudmouth is vulnerable during this time too, so you can punch it without waiting for a bomb to come out.

Various other bug fixes.

Let me know what you guys think of these changes! Hope you enjoy this new version!

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Version 0.1.3 Oct 04, 2019

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